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Dual Surface Plyo Boxes

Model L

We offer metal clothing cabinets manufactured using modern machines, with attention to every detail. For this reason they meet thequality, hygienic and legal requirements. They are made in accordance with the Polish standard which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity. Clothing cabinets are of typical occupational safety standard with divisions of 300 and 400mm wide, straight door or L-shaped door. Body is made of 0.8mm steel sheet; the whole is powder-coated in RAL palette.

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Metal clothing cabinet is designed primarily for employee cloakroom equipment in health clubs or schools. It is manufactured using modern manufactuirng processes, quality materials and 25 years of experience. It provides its aesthetic appearance, functionality and durability for many years. Many possibilities of finishing options will satisfy every need of our customers.

 The basic information about the product:

  • 4-door cabinet, door width 400mm,
  • L-shapped doors,
  • three-point locking,
  • made of steel sheet of thickness 0.8mm,
  • standard plinth of height 50 mm,
  • standard equipped with rod with 2 hooks,
  • standard equipped with a shelf,
  • powder painted in RAL colours,
  • door / body with or without perforation,
  • equipped with adjustable feet,
  • possibility of painting door and body in different colours,
  • equipped with patent lock.


IMPORTANT: there is a possibility of fitting the model of the cabinet with fronts made of laminated board (wood-like), MDF (MAT or HIGH GLOSS). More information and examples of the colours and patterns of board is available in “FRONTS” tab.

cabinet height - 1800 mm

cabinet width - 800 mm

cabinet depth - 490 mm

plinth height – 50 mm

bench height – 400 mm

legs height – 140 mm

pitched roof height – 200 mm

dimensions of cabinet+bench – 2200/1800x800x490 mm

dimensions of cabinet+legs – 1940/1800x800x490 mm

dimensions of cabinet with pitched roof – 2000/1800x800x490 mm


Available cabinet with 2-doors: L2 (1800x400x490mm) and with 6-doors: L6 (1800x1200x490mm) 

We offer a variety of finishing options in order to meet our customer’s requirements:


  • standard plinth of height 50mm,
  • of height 100mm


  • straight of triangular,
  • standard legs of height 140mm,
  • of height 200mm


  • frame of height 400mm,
  • cabinet put on bench rack, then screwed,
  • equipped with plastic feet,
  • seat: varnished pine strips, strips of laminated board and varnished MDF, laminated board, varnished MDF


  • key patent,
  • handle with padlock,
  • combination and electronic


  • straight,
  • pitched of height 200mm

Standard RAL colours::

ral1000ral1015 ral5010ral5012ral5018ral6019ral6024ral7016ral7035ral7040ral8016ral9010ral9010

The combination of metal and wood provides our cabinets with original style and functionality. We offer two different options: modern design, smoothness and simplicity of doors of MDF in all colours of the rainbow and the subtle structure of wood in many shades of laminated board, which breaks the severity of the metal and gives the cabinet a unique character. With this finishing our cabinets will decorate any room without depriving it of sustainability.

The basic features of fronts made of board:

  • thickness 18mm,
  • laminated board with PCV edges,
  • MDF with varnished edges,
  • internal, furniture hinges,
  • lock: key, patent, padlock, electronic,
  • single-point locking door.

Some colour suggestions:




Example colours of cabinet door and bench seat made of varnished MDF, MAT and HIGH GLOSS (ICA pallet):


01060108011501160123 01300133013601410149 01540160016201710181 01910200020702130226 02270228022902390259

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