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Administratorem zebranych danych osobowych jest firma eurosport-fitness. Zebrane dane mogą posłużyć do celów marketingu bezpośredniego własnych produktów lub usług administratora danych. Podstawa prawna: art. 23 ust.4 ustawy o ochronie danych osobowych (1997 r.)

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Training chains

The exercise chain is a very simple and well known product that effectively stimulates the muscles during training. It can be an alternative or complement to instruments used in the course;
– squeezing the bar
– lying
– deadly
– squatting
– strengthening biceps
– load the body when pulling on the stick
– performing dips on the handrails.
Exercise with chains works on the principle of gradually increasing resistance, the higher you raise the barbell, the heavier it is and during the lowering the weight decreases. Thanks to this, the muscles are fully involved in the entire range of movement, additionally engaging the stabilizing muscles that are extremely important when lifting heavy weights. The chains in the set have clamps for Olympic gryphons.

Chains exist in 3 weight variants;

Variant 1
Weight; 16kg (in the set 2 items of 8kg each)
Chain length; 160cm
Dimension of cells; 5x9cm
Cell diameter; 16mm
Material; chromed steel
article LFTKATT16

Variant 2
Weight; 24kg (in the set 2 items of 12kg each)
Chain length; 160cm
Dimension of cells; 7x11cm
Cell diameter; 19mm
Material; chromed steel
article LFTKATT24

Variant 3
Weight; 32kg (in a set of 2 items of 16kg each)
Chain length; 160cm
Dimension of cells; 8×12.5cm
Diameter of links; 22mm
Material; chromium-plated steel
art. LFTKATT32

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